Re: nymservers and anonymous remailing

From Cipher <>
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 21:10:33 -0400

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On  4/29/00, Legba Carrefour logged on, tripped an Echelon filter, was
intercepted and relayed through a secure NSA mail server, who in turn
forwarded it to me:

> [: hacktivism :]

> Does anyone know anywhere that does nymserver anonymous remailing? I
> used to have an account a few years ago (1997/98) but it shut down.

Why not do it manually?

List of working remailers:     Anon-To: anonymous message

Make the following the start of an email addressed to one of
the remailers above, with Anonymous Mail as your subject.  Note that
hyperreal uses a different format below in the place of the Request
remailing line, use the Anon To: style  Delete the newsgroups line for


Cutmarks: --


Subject: Your subject (skip 1 space after the colon) 
Newsgroups: alt.test.a
Comments: none

Skip one line and then the body of your post. 


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