Re: Fake E-mailers /ranting

From Ben Earnhart <>
Date Mon, 01 May 2000 01:47:50 -0500

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generaly, I avoid/despise the "me-too" or "I agree" postings... but the
fake mail discussion is too relevant to pass up -- I agree with Zoescanner
that if somebody really wants to hack into a machine, sniff some passwords,
or whatever their little heart desires, the internet has opened up an
incredible way of messing with an individual or an organization.  But this
list is about figuring out what to do with such power, and to inform
intelligent uses of it, *not* to pass on techniques which can be learned
from an ordinary websearch.  

While I'm on my high horse, what is up with the cDc? In the past, they were
all over the idea of taking on China in an all-out netwar, and then they
turn around and criticize the Electrohippies for suggesting doing minor
collective DDoSs...  possible I misunderstand some issues, so would
appreciate any clarification as to:

1) they changed opinions (maybe because of @stake?)
2) there is a coherent reason why client-side DDoS is evil?
  The collateral damage argument makes senese, but is pretty weak)
3) I'm mising something?

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