nymservers and anonymous remailing

From Legba Carrefour <legba@vt.edu>
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 05:25:38 -0400

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Does anyone know anywhere that does nymserver anonymous remailing? I
used to have an account a few years ago (1997/98) but it shut down.

Annoyingly enough, all that I seem to find now are commercial
nymserver places. I can still work with anoymous remailers but I
REALLY want a stable email address to which people can send me email
and I can receive email that effectively whacks all trace of an
email's path and nullifies (or reduces) the chance for interception. I
am wary of using a commercial place since they all say that they
comply with federal subpoenas.

I sort of fail to see the use of a nymserver account if someone will
just turn over the records of your transaction at the sight of a
simple government warrant. Regardless of whether or not  it is


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