Re: Fake E-mailers

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sun, 30 Apr 2000 04:18:13 -0700 (PDT)

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Sorry johndoe...........I feel I can speak for
'most' of us here when I say This..........
This is NOT what we are all about. 
No Way,No how.
And another thing....why oh why dont you
just use a simple search engine??? learn the hard we all did?...
(sigh)...ok..I relent a Little bit. IF you are in
NEED (dubious) check this site out..

They have loads of things there 
2 EDucate U.....READ it ALL??? HOPEfully you will
find it just may 'not' be worth messing around
with that  kind of activity.'s Illegal?
Stiff fines?? JAIL time???  
I look at it this way...
IF you were GOOD, you wouldnt need to
would dig the stuff up YOURself...IF you were
IF you are NOT ARE asking for a S*load
of trouble for yoreself. ARE you prepared to
handle it??
Cause....chances are...
IF you are NOT will, in every
probability...Get Caught.
Think it over...really really REALLY HARD.
Then go get a huge bowl of ice cream or


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