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From Ben Earnhart <>
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2000 22:47:49 -0600

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A couple of points where I agree and disagree with the posting below by
Matt Doughty/Wyn -- 

1) Many people in many countries aren't used to the level of free speech
that is often taken for granted in the US -- keep in mind that the "first
amendment" is the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States,
and thus is nation-specific.  For example, I have had some interesting
discussions with Germans about American neo-Nazis -- apparently, Nazism is
so abhorent there that they have effectively banned it, imposing controls
on speech that seem odd, overly strict, and unconstitutional by US
standards, but make sense from the point of view of their nation.  However,
Germany is obviously pretty open compared to say, Libya, Iran, or China.
For that matter, the UK has speech restrictions that are more stringent
than the US, and I wouldn't call them an totalitarian state either.  So
while "free speech" in general is a good thing, the US takes it to the

2) I do agree with you, however, that throwing rocks at the KKK isn't a
very good idea, and to me, sounds like behavior that can and should be
prosecuted as assault, disturbing the peace, vandalism, and such.  Now
throwing *pies* at them might be OK; water-balloons are an interesting
possibility too...  embarassing them and making a mockery of them would be
a good thing, but getting violent is stooping to their level.   


At 01:31 PM 3/15/2000 +0900, you wrote:
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>You are obviously to blinded by hate of the groups in question,an
>feeling, to even look at this at all reasonably.  this is a slippery slope 
>line of reasoning of the worst kind. The idea of first its freedom of
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>> That's exactly what racists hope people will do, because after people
>> them to free speech they will turn the tables and start killing people who 
>> aren't "white" either reverse oreos or people of color.

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