Re: 'Hactivists' plan DDoS Web attack

Date Wed, 15 Mar 2000 13:57:28 +0800

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is it possible to trace the formation of online organisation for events
such as a16?  I'm trying to trace and document how hacktivists go about
organising such events.

>I really hope that some creative electronic protests are done around
>A16. Here in D.C. the Feds have already broken into the apartment of one
>A16 organizer and broke into a wrong office that they thought was
>A16-related. Last night, somebody sent a virus to the imc-dc list, which
>is for folks planning the Independent Media Center for A16.
>If the Feds and the corporations are playing hardball with us, I
>recommend that we return the favor.
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"How many solitary witches does it take to change a lightbulb?"
 If they actually ask how many, drum your fingers and wait for them to
grasp the obvious
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