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On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 12:21:28PM -0600, brian carroll wrote:
>  * recently read of a certain specific 'frequency' that if one had
>  a crystal oscillating at that rate would make people nauseous,
>  sick, and vomit. it was wondered what systems these types of
>  connections are effecting. I think the person said it was a brain
>  rhythm or something that was upset by imbalancing frequency.
>  I am wondering where 50/60 Hz connects with body rhythms,
>  if it is one of the nervous systems, the brain itself, if it is some
>  automatic response that freezes the human body (to clutch,
>  or contract muscles, if this is what happens, it would seem to
>  be one of the two nervous systems running throughout us).

Just smoe more thoughts about frequency selection for electricity

How would different frequencies affect transformer efficiency?

How would different frequencies affect transmission efficiency?

The magnetic fields produced by an alternating current can be viewed as
particles instead of waves, and therefore as EM radiation. How would
the effects of this radiation change with the transmission frequency?

(Anoher way to think of the last question is in relation to the first
two; inefficiencies release energy into the environment. How is that
energy going to affect the environment into which the energy is


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