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  Hi Arthur,  this had me thinking about a few things:

  * stun-guns and the very high-voltages used to incapacitate
  people yet they still survive after collapse -- and if this is a
  totally different direct-current system or may use AC to get
  the high-voltages which are used, from a small battery pack.
  and, what would happen if they were 50/60 Hz instead, if it
  is not what they are now.

  * recently read of a certain specific 'frequency' that if one had
  a crystal oscillating at that rate would make people nauseous,
  sick, and vomit. it was wondered what systems these types of
  connections are effecting. I think the person said it was a brain
  rhythm or something that was upset by imbalancing frequency.

  I am wondering where 50/60 Hz connects with body rhythms,
  if it is one of the nervous systems, the brain itself, if it is some
  automatic response that freezes the human body (to clutch,
  or contract muscles, if this is what happens, it would seem to
  be one of the two nervous systems running throughout us).

  In reading about home wiring I was amazed to learn about
  the consistency in the smaller scale electronics circuits and
  the larger scale electrical power system. The concepts are
  quite similar, with some different needs yet if understood in
  an approximate way- to complete a circuit from the electrical
  powerplant/generator to the individual house (miles away),
  the circuit is 'grounded' by putting a spike into the ground,
  and if not mistaken this sends the return path to the power-
  plant back through the ground, to complete the circuit, with
  electrons flowing through the molecules of soil all the way
  back to wherever the circuit begins. This may be wrong or
  not directional yet it made me imagine measuring with a
  volt-meter the soil to see if there is any current moving. I
  do not know enough to know if this is accurate to 'ground'
  in electronics, yet using the Earth as part of the circuit is,
  to me, fascinating in that then 'ground' would be charged.
  Maybe this is not how it actually works, though, so a guess.

  The other thing I have read is that human beings are, on
  the whole, 'neutral' electrically. That is, there electrons and
  protons balance out. What may be a change of this is when
  walking across carpeting and building up an imbalance in
  charge and then getting or giving an electrical shock, as
  this neutral state would be out of balance it would seem.

  What is curious is if there is some similar concept of the
  human as having a natural 'frequency' and, as such is in
  a balanced state, (or normal) and then to alter that or if
  these 60 cycles could be creating some 'resonance' or
  something in the human body as a result of being tuned
  to a similar frequency. I do not know enough about how
  'repeaters' work, or if it is applicable here, yet from what
  has been read is that they can take a weak signal and
  boost it, to send it off for others to pick up and repeat. If
  there is something in common between basic systems
  might it be possible that the human body might be able
  to feel, perceive, or conceive of these rhythms, if they
  are balanced or out of balance or over-stimulating (to
  freeze the ability of the body to function) -- this is well
  beyond my understanding yet it seems to be where a
  health-debate over electrical power is stalled between
  competing views of the influence of power systems.

  It would be interesting to know why 50/60 Hz was chosen.


On Saturday, March 13, 2004, at 11:28 AM, Arthur Elsenaar wrote:

>>>     They put isolation transformers on pool lights for safety. If 
>>> they did
>>> away with the grounded system, it would be the same as providing our 
>>> power
>>> with an isolation transformer....and many lives would be saved.
> even more lives would have been saved when AC wasn't based on 50/60 
> Hz, the frequency our muscles like so much. When the frequency would 
> have been chosen 100 or 200 Hz or even higher, humans wouldn't suffer 
> from the -can't let go- phenomena when subjected to AC currents.
> Arthur

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