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Hello Brian,

Someone is counting next to the grid> JP Chance
Did you know Tesla built a system for energy transportation through the air,
without your favorite artifacts?
These were wooden towers on botth sides of the Atlantic and this "system"
was believed to transport energy from Europe to the USA

The estimates show five different examples of harvesting renewable energy
very substantial profits that benefit everyone:

1) A proposed windfarm in Massachusetts generates over one hundred and
thirteen percent (113%) real annual return on investment.

2) An installed photovoltaic (PV) residential rooftop in southern California
generates over twenty-eight percent (28%) real annual return on investment.

3) An installed PV-wind off-grid residential system in Colorado generates
seven percent (7%) real annual return on investment.

4) A small wind turbine in the state of Washington generates over thirty-two
percent (32%) real annual return on investment.

5) A proposed thin-film polymer PV facility in Florida generates over one
hundred and eighty-seven percent (187%) real annual return on investment.

Certainly these estimates are not exact, but they demonstrate that when REAL
MONEY represents REAL VALUE, sustainable prosperity is available for

Although Federal Reserve Notes are used as the purchasing currency in the
spreadsheet, the formula should work quite well with any currency, including
other fractional-reserve fiat-debt currencies such as the Euro or genuine
backed currencies such as petro-dollars or hemp-dollars.

Please let us know if you find errors.

Best Regards,

Jon Chance
Chief of Staff

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[thanks to * for fwd'ing the main link...]

more specificially (after filling out form to get access), URL:

[listened to several clips/previews in streaming .mp3 format
first of which was "Grand Tesla Dream". not sure what to make
of it, if it is fair to critique it with regard to content,
yet it seems some effort is involved in approaching the ideas
and thus, working through them, as all have to do, to come to
some understanding. as with music, and ideas, sometimes they
are difficult to apprehend if not-knowing the context of their
creation. yet, the album: Vladimir Nemet > Opera Nikola Tesla
seems somewhat like an audio anthology of ideas, which are in
some ways hard to understand how they relate to the title....]

Vladimir Nemet's homepage:

text from homepage is as follows:

  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization