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 thanks HS, for the time=energy=money URL:

 have heard of local currency movements in the
 USA, and the idea of energy-bonds and currencies
 and all the rest sound feasible. and not being an
 energy accountant, it is difficult to know if the
 economics would work, as it is beyond the question
 of price per kilowatt, in one potential view, and
 into the quality of energy, throughout the cycle.
 this may be called energy-auditing or something such.
 and thanks for Tesla info. yes, i've read a bit
 about the technology (and its destruction, and
 the 'loss' of Nikola Tesla and the new EM designs)
 and it could possibly be seen in directed energy
 weaponry, and also electromagnetic earthquake tech.
 some of which is in the public domain as far as info,
 and some which is either non-public or conspiratorial
 info, so it is hard to gauge where to make boundaries
 with Tesla's inventions. but the story of Tesla and
 Edison is, in itself, epic. and it correlates with the
 rise of General Electric and Westinghouse (both have
 national US tv staitons today) and also that some of
 these are (GE) the biggest corporate employers on the
 planet, hundreds of thousands in the workforce. odd
 thing being that Tesla's work, and Edison's, can be
 'seen' in today's power infrastructure, whether it
 is phased high-voltage power, on distribution lines,
 or the plug, socket, lightswitch, lightbulb, e-meter,
 transformer, substation, or whatnot. these are almost
 a century-old technologically, and aesthetically, too.
 ripe for investigating and trying to figure out how it
 relates, beyond the visual appropriation and into the
 betterment and repurposing of electromagnetic technology.
 such resources and stories (histories) of Tesla
 could someday be linked up, once the is
 rebuilt and a links database can be put online.
 there is a group (in a US desert i think) that
 does lightning experiments in an extreme way,
 that is a descendent of tesla's lab, indoors
 and outdoors. also, it has been noted that a lot
 of tesla's work and ideas (and new energy, which
 i do not knows much about) is considered somewhat
 illicit, in that it is cult-information, not found
 in many bookstores, and often in religious sections
 of post-60s New Age bookstores. there have been movies
 made about some of this, bookss, and the experiments
 are continued by EE ( students all
 over the world, i assume, making tesla-coils and
 jakob's ladders, playing with lightning, as it were.

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