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Date Sun, 14 Apr 2002 14:33:46 -0500
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while on the subject of wireless energy, there is
something that needs to written about the subject,
in that it is not any given artifact of EM energy,
but that the energy being used could be of help if
brought into the equation/question about how things
are, how they are not, and how they might be/become.

of Tesla's wireless energy towers, have had these
thoughts for a long while. first, aesthetics. it is
in Tesla's lab and the outdoor 'orbs' or how they are
believed to be, like a bulb of a flower atop a wooden
framework not unlike an oil derrick, sending energy
in the atmosphere (via charged atmosphere one might
assume, but it is unknown). that is one aspect, but
another is that the effects of EM are in no way known
to be 'benign' and so this technology, while it may
have done a lot of things differently, and may some-
day do just that, would likely also have negative
impacts, as concentrations of high-voltage EM in the
atmosphere, near human-level, may not be good for
things that are alive and conscious (all EM-life),
nor the ecosystem, possibly (see HAARP researchers
on possible effects of 'probing the aurora borealis')
and also, that still debated and right so question
of the health effects related to cancer and other
possible immunological and physiological effects,
which are also of some importance in designing EM.
for an analogy, while there is wireless communications,
it still requires the wired infrastructure to work off
of, and into. wireless everywhere is like EM noise
everywhere, as the wireless craze may become wireless
craziness if it has negative impacts on environments.
likewise, wireless energy would likely need a wired
infrastructure in order to turn on a room's light-
switch, and therefore would probably  not go away
because of it. yet, like wireless energy, fuel cells
could also change the major patterns of current EM
technology, and those poles and pylons may be in some
way diminished in their ubiquity for a superior system,
as a part of the evolution of a changing infrastructure.

the other thing, about wireless energy transmission
and distribution is that i have always wondered why
lasers are not used as such, or if they are, how it
can happen. from a naive view, it seems that energy
is moved in a solid connection of light, and that it
can be somewhat efficient (maybe not, though, as it
takes very high voltages to make the laser-light).

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