"China and globalization" report

From Saul Thomas <stthomas@uchicago.edu>
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 01:01:34 -0600

Forwarded from Dale Wen <dale.wen@gmail.com>

Hi, All

I recently published a report about China and globalization with
International Forum on Globalization, a non-profit think-tank. It is a
critique of recent neoliberal policies. The report describes the
impact of globalization on China, as well as the responses from the
emerging social movements. The English title of the report is "China
Copes with Globalization--A Mixed Review"; while the Chinese title is
more pointed, which translates into "Reforms that Makes a Few
Rich--China and the Path to Economic Globalization". Both English and
Chinese versions of the report were launched in December 2005 in Hong
Kong during the WTO ministerial meeting.

The shorter English version is available at
The longer Chinese version is available at
The long English version (corresponding to the Chinese version) is available at

As I am looking for opportunities to expand the report into a book, I
would love to hear your comments, suggestions, etc. If you want a hard
copy of the report for yourself or your organization, please drop me
your mail address.


Dale Wen, Ph.D.
International Forum on Globalization/China project