introducing several projects

From YAN Hairong <>
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 20:48:44 -0500

Hi all,

I have come across several projects and would like to pass
them along:

1) Yellow Peril Archive

2) China Tribune, a tri-lingual (in Chinese, English, French)
journal based in France. Its no. 2 is attached here (this is
the only issue that I have as a Word Document. It regularly
comes out as pdf files and are too big to be sent through the
zhongguo list). I don't know anything about the background of
this journal, but notice that its editorial article in issue
no. 4 quoted Chen Duxiu in 1933 when he had become a Trotskyist. 

3) The India-China Project

"This weblog tracks developments, reportage, commentary and
scholarship on the Asia-Pacific region with a special emphasis
on its implications for India. The title refers to our
significant focus on China in this enterprise. It is sponsored
by the M. L. Sondhi Institute of Asia-Pacific Affairs, New Delhi."

This is a very mainstream project, but may have some useful
things there.

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