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2005-10-13  SCMP
Activist shows true extent of injuries

2005-10-13  SCMP
Taxi drivers forced to abandon protest

2005-10-13  Dow Jones
Coal reliance has China facing hefty energy bill

2005-10-13  Reuters
Sixteen children shot in China schoolyard attack

2005-10-13  Xinhua
Successful launch of Shenzhou-6 hailed

2005-10-13  China Daily
China on way to 2nd biggest consumer

2005-10-13  China Economic Net
China's richest get gloriously richer

2005-10-13  China Daily
Reports: China sets new plan for GDP

2005-10-12  SCMP
Striking taxi drivers want end to 'rickshaw coolie' era

2005-10-12  SCMP
Poor hold little hope of change

2005-10-12  SCMP
Foreign investors offered full control of 'rust belt' firms

2005-10-12  SCMP
Party aims for leaner growth machine

2005-10-12  Reuters
China cautions yuan moves, urges US export more

2005-10-12  LA Times
Hu Firmly Takes Wheel in China,1,6487238.story

2005-10-12  LA Times
Softer Line for Change in China,1,2209838.story

2005-10-12  Asia Times
China at less than full speed

2005-10-12  Asia Times
The eagle, the dragon and African oil

2005-10-12  Asia Pulse
New Five-Year Plan called 'revolutionary'

2005-10-12  Asia Times
Hu brought down to earth

2005-10-12  AP
Scientists Unearth Ancient Noodle Dish

2005-10-12  Foreign Policy
China’s Color-Coded Crackdown

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