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2005-06-21  China Daily
Affordable housing is no holiday camp

2005-06-21  China Daily
Plans drawn up for asset firm reshuffle

2005-06-20  Morgan Stanley
Squeezing Asia

2005-06-20  International Herald Tribune
Patent Pitfalls on China's Road of Clones

2005-06-20  Globe and Mail
Canada's e-trash plagues China

2005-06-20  People's Daily
A rational voice: on Overholt's article

2005-06-20  AP
Taiwanese Navy Frigate Defends Fishermen

2005-06-20  Financial Times
Beijing delays work on Olympic rail link

2005-06-20  Financial Times
Hackers deface Beijing’s security website

2005-06-20  The Age
Locals defy Beijing leaders in Olympic protests

2005-06-19  Financial Times
China adds big names to stock market reform plan

2005-06-19  AFX
Chinese police arrest 22 for deadly attack on village in land dispute

2005-06-19  PTI
'China delivers military equipment to Nepal'

2005-06-19  China Daily

Income gap in China widens in first quarter

2005-06-19  New York Times
China's New Frontiers: Tests of Democracy and Dissent

2005-06-19  Newsweek
Pressure on the Press

2005-06-18  Morgan Stanley
Scary Oil

2005-06-17  Financial Times
China tightens control over financial reforms

2005-06-16  Christian Science Monitor
US and China: A trade war brews

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