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2005-06-18  China Daily

Key SOEs to keep control

2005-06-18  People's Daily
The "Washington Consensus" and "Beijing Consensus"

2005-06-18  Asia Times
Privatizing the 'iron rooster'

2005-06-18  The Guardian
Cold war, take two,7369,1509310,00.html

2005-06-18  The Guardian
China's new consumers get a taste for luxury goods,7369,1509375,00.html

2005-06-18  New York Times
Chinese Bank Takes Lead in Privatizing

2005-06-17  SCMP
China shareholder backlash

2005-06-17  SCMP
Sick gem workers call for more compensation

2005-06-17  LA Times
As China Censors the Internet, Money Talks,1,2420523.story

2005-06-16  SCMP
Chongqing lender seeking foreign capital and expertise

2005-06-16  Caijing
Will Floating Nontradable Shares Spell Disaster?

2005-06-15  SCMP
Spreading the wealth proves a difficult challenge

2005-06-15  Caijing
Lanzhou Railway Bureau: Misappropriation of Six Billion Yuan

2005-06-15  Caijing
Private Capital Takes Control of Shenzhen Airlines

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