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2005-06-26  Xinhua
China pursues gradual reform of RMB rate

2005-06-26  New York Times
With Bid for Unocal, U.S. Struggles on China Policies

2005-06-26  New York Times
The Hidden Benefits of China's Shopping Spree

2005-06-26  New York Times
A Glide Path to Ruin

2005-06-25  LA Times
China and Vatican Make No Secret of Thaw,1,4522261.story

2005-06-25  New York Times
Next Wave From China: Exporting Cars to the West

2005-06-25  The Guardian
Sex is China's latest boom industry,7369,1514392,00.html

2005-06-25  Inter Press Service
Revaluation controversy rages on in Washington

2005-06-24  Xinhua
China liberalizes investment in trunk rail construction

2005-06-24  LA Times
Chinese Firm Has American Accent,1,1148929.story

2005-06-24  LA Times
Greenspan Opposes Sanctions on China,1,5617723.story

2005-06-24  The Guardian
A tale of two massacres,7369,1514101,00.html

2005-06-21  New York Times
Rape in China: A Nightmare for 26 Pupils

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