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Date Sun, 31 Oct 2004 10:04:52 -0800

2004-10-31  China Daily
US trouser quota against WTO principles

2004-10-31  China Economic Net
China, Iran sign biggest oil & gas deal

2004-10-30  Financial Times
Administrative controls to keep key role in China

2004-10-30  Washington Post
U.S. to Consider Limiting Pants Imports From China

2004-10-30  People's Daily
Review: 13 keywords of economic reform

2004-10-29  Globe and Mail
Cyber dissidents rattle China's thought police

2004-10-29  SCMP
Property rush only a bubble, say economists

2004-10-29  SCMP
Pollution crisis 'puts economic growth at risk'

2004-10-29  SCMP
Last objector to demolition evicted

2004-10-29  SCMP
Protest over land brings jail terms

2004-10-29  Asia Times
China plagued by rising social unrest

2004-10-29  Asia Times
Taiwan reels from Powell's anti-sovereignty 'goof'

2004-10-28  SCMP
Alert over property bubble rejected

2004-10-28  SCMP
More dams to be built in quest for energy

2004-10-27  SCMP
Civil servants taken to task for violating rights

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