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2004-10-04  China Daily
Circular economy vital for balanced growth

2004-10-04  SCMP
Hearts and mice

2004-10-04  SCMP
Battling the fire-breathing dragon

2004-10-04  Reuters
China not ready to join G7, says minister

2004-10-04  Wired
Change in the Chinese Wind,1282,65139,00.html

2004-10-04  Asia Times
China strives for its own global mega-brands

2004-10-04  AFP
Foreigners flock to Chinese universities,4386,275985,00.html?

2004-10-04  Straits Times
Banned Chinese book wins award in Germany,4386,275976,00.html?

2004-10-03  Financial Times
Soaring Chinese demand drives mining boom

2004-10-03  Financial Times
China resists pressure on move to floating exchange rate

2004-10-03  China Economic Net
The pain of the transformation of China's diary industry

2004-10-03  Boston Globe
As fuel use rises, China eyes alternatives

2004-10-02  Reuters
China Police Shoot Tibetan Monk After Complaint

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