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2004-10-01  International Herald Tribune
China curbs its boom with fine tuning and supply bottlenecks

2004-10-01  SCMP
BOC takes hammer to rice bowl

2004-10-01  SCMP
Foreign investment to reach new high

2004-10-01  AP
China to Move Toward Flexible Currency

2004-10-01  Asia Times
Gentlemen, kill your engines

2004-10-01  Asia Times
Dissecting China's far west

2004-10-01  LA Times
China Is Targeted in Trade Appeal,1,4824401.story

2004-10-01  The Guardian
Beijing ups the ante in war of words with Taipei,7369,1317196,00.html

2004-10-01  China Economic Net
Grid: a chance for China's Internet industry to realize its great-leap-forward development

2004-10-01  People's Daily
Quality of opening-up vital to national interests

2004-09-30  Business Week
Now College Grads Can't Find A Job

2004-09-30  AP
Chinese firms on overseas buying spree,4386,275466,00.html?

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