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2004-10-05  Bloomberg News
Commentary: The Fed might succeed where the G-7 failed

2004-10-05  Straits Times
Sudan: Tricky balancing act for China,4386,276183,00.html

2004-10-05  SCMP
China's boom-bust pain yet to peak

2004-10-05  SCMP
How Erin Brockovich inspired an activist to her cause

2004-10-05  International Herald Tribune
Hu shows that he means business

2004-10-05  LA Times
China's Testy Foreign Policy Wins Few Friends, Despite Need,1,1545623.story

2004-10-05  China Economic Net
Soaring oil price tests the Chinese economy

2004-10-05  Xinhua
China strives for sustainable development

2004-10-05  Asia Times
Japan's top hawk ruffles China's feathers

2004-10-05  Washington Post
China's Land Grabs Raise Specter of Popular Unrest

2004-10-05  BBC
China leads world on broadband

2004-10-05  Reuters
Chen to soothe tension with China in speech,4386,276135,00.html?

2004-10-05  International Herald Tribune
For France (and Europe), the China card

2004-10-05  Straits Times
China mulls overhaul of family planning policy,4386,276180,00.html?

2004-10-04  Knight Ridder
China sees new breed of civil activists emerge

2004-10-04  China Daily
Mobile reaches last of China's ethnic minorities

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