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Date 4 Aug 2004 14:55:52 -0000

2004-08-03  Reuters
Wife beating grows in China as economy roars ahead

2004-08-04  BBC
Anti-terror exercise in W China

2004-08-04  AFP
China 'must change yuan peg' for G7

2004-08-04  Reuters
Shanghai bans "feudal" building names

2004-08-04  People's Daily
How wealthy are Chinese people?

2004-08-04  China Daily
Steps to become global player

2004-08-04  Asia Times
Bloated stockpiles hit electronics market

2004-08-04  SCMP
Officials relent after four days of taxi strikes

2004-08-04  SCMP
Officers to be held to account over death of detainees

2004-08-04  SCMP
Official charged with running network of influence-peddlers

2004-08-04  SCMP
Controls tightened on exports of mainland labour

2004-08-04  SCMP
Shenzhen urged to help child beggars

2004-08-04  Reuters
China's CCTV to launch pay-TV channels

2004-08-03  AFP
China's crude oil imports to hit record

2004-08-04  Straits Times
'No' to halting arms sales to Taiwan

2004-08-03  Straits Times
China's reverse baby bonus

2004-08-03  Financial Times
Row threatens talks between China and Singapore

2004-08-04  China Daily
Rent-control dwellers being moved out

2004-08-03  China Daily
Self-employment eases market strain

2004-08-03  World Socialist Web Site
Corruption scandal signals sharp differences in Chinese ruling elite