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Date 5 Aug 2004 17:06:17 -0000

2004-08-05  FEER
New Cracks in the Alliance

2004-08-05  Aljazeera
The dark side of China's frenetic growth

2004-08-05  USA Today
Banned in Beijing: Diary of a bored and spoiled brat

2004-08-05  AFP
China to crack down on online computer games

2004-08-05  BBC
China knife killer 'had job fears'

2004-08-05  China Daily
China's door now wide-open for foreign banks

2004-08-05  People's Daily
How is China's per capita GDP of US$4, 580 calculated?

2004-08-05  Reuters
China suspends work on Olympics 'bird nest'

2004-07-25  Xinhua
Local official killed by suicide bombing in Sichuan

2004-08-05  AFP
Bomb threat forces central bank to evacuate HQ

2004-08-05  AP
Chinese Merchants Jailed in Milk Scandal

2004-08-05  Asia Pulse
'Bad' news that's 'good' for China's economy

2004-08-05  Asia Times
Deng's daughter joins struggle for Chinese reform

2004-08-05  China Economic Net
Reflections on China's "English fever"

2004-08-05  People's Daily
Population growth not to stop until 1.6 bln

2004-08-05  China Daily
Public input crucial in formulating policies

2004-08-05  SCMP
Senators told to stop making waves

2004-08-05  SCMP
Firms take swing at pirates

2004-08-04  SCMP
PetroChina cuts pipeline's foreign ties

2004-08-05  The Nation
Ital-Thai braces for rivalry from China

2004-08-04  BBC
China to hold fake beauty pageant

2004-08-04  Reuters
Foreign acquisitions transform China's Internet industry