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Date 3 Aug 2004 16:26:57 -0000

2004-08-03  China Daily
Hospitals may open to private investment

2004-08-03  Asia Pulse
Disposable urban income rises 11.9%

2004-08-03  USA Today
Batik, waterfalls and dog meat in rural China

2004-08-03  Business Week
A Huawei Story Lost in Translation

2004-08-03  SCMP
Police in Shanghai to use pepper spray on attackers

2004-08-03  SCMP
Taxi drivers' strike brings city to standstill

2004-08-03  SCMP
Villagers vow to fight on in face of police assault

2004-08-03  Xinhua
China's Macro-control policies boost agricultural production

2004-08-03  Bloomberg News
Textiles: Made (only) in China?

2004-08-03  People's Daily
China moves to tackle deeper problems in economy

2004-08-03  Straits Times
China draws up new yardstick for rating local governments

2004-08-03  Reuters
Taiwan Brushes Off China's Latest Threat to Attack

2004-08-03  The Guardian
Blair caught in middle over China arms ban

2004-08-03  China Daily
Rebelling against education system

2004-08-03  China Economic Net
Mergers and acquisitions will become the main channel of foreign investment

2004-08-03  China Daily
Rule puts controls on labour abroad

2004-08-03  Asia Times
China anti-poverty loans go to favored business

2004-08-02  UPI
Analysis: China policy debate shifting

2004-07-28  Shanghai Dairies
Hengfeng Town: ‘It’s different in China’

2004-07-31  Shanghai Dairies
Fireworks factories, coal mines and cute little puppies