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Date 2 Aug 2004 17:24:38 -0000

2004-08-02  Bloomberg News
Commentary: Playing the China card

2004-08-02  Xinhua
China to build first HIV/AIDS treatment center in Yunnan

2004-08-02  Reuters
In China, an air hub to rival Hong Kong’s

2004-08-02  AFP
Bush condemns Beijing over currency

2004-08-02  International Herald Tribune
Meanwhile: Man versus machine on Beijing's streets

2004-08-02  SCMP
Power industry catch-up brings fears

2004-08-02  SCMP
Slowdown in car sales driven by the market

2004-08-02  SCMP
Fathers plead for HIV sons' release

2004-08-02  SCMP
Don't lie, spokesmen told Shenzhen officials learn the ropes of good PR

2004-08-02  SCMP
Legal review may help claims for compensation

2004-08-02  SCMP
Police shoot villagers in land dispute, report says

2004-08-02  China Daily
Water strategy to solve subsidence

2004-08-02  China Daily
Nationwide economic survey gets under way

2004-08-02  China Daily
Thousands return to pedal power

2004-08-02  China Daily
Middle class flourishes as more farmers move to cities

2004-08-02  Washington Post
Chinese Rainmakers Competing for Clouds

2004-08-01  Xinhua
Legal environment improved for private sector

2004-08-02  People's Daily
Army to smash any independence plot: Minister

2004-08-02  Straits Times
A-Mei breaks down amid heckling at Beijing concert

2004-08-02  The Guardian
Display of might shows who is in charge

2004-08-01  Financial Times
China talks of military conflict with Taiwan

2004-08-02  China Economic Net
Foreign capital inflow offers economic lift

2004-08-02  China Economic Net
China reforms its system of corporate investment