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Date 23 Jun 2004 05:36:04 -0000

2004-06-19  The Economist
Luxury's new empire - Conspicuous consumption in China

2004-06-19  The Economist
An unquenchable thirst

2004-06-22  SCMP
Car industry driving towards a gridlock

2004-06-23  AFP
China to help Nepal against Maoists

2004-06-22  Foreign Affairs
The Unsettled West

2004-06-22  Financial Times
World's manufacturers march into China

2004-06-22  China Daily
Investment outflows to tax havens

2004-06-23  Reuters
China's AIDS problem threatens Hong Kong

2004-06-23  Straits Times
China readies for war over Taiwan Strait

2004-06-22  LA Times
Vendors' Prospects Getting Snipped at China Silk Market

2004-06-22  Financial Times
China torture fears hamper jail releases

2004-06-22  Financial Times
China auctions $33bn of bad loans

2004-06-22  Asia Times
The 'arch-proliferator'