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Date 24 Jun 2004 18:17:45 -0000

2004-06-24  SCMP
State Power executives lost billions

2004-06-24  SCMP
Avon, Amway call on Beijing

2004-06-24  SCMP
Students duped by pyramid scheme Get-rich-quick cosmetics scam tricks over 2,000

2004-06-24  China Daily
Innovation in rural financing encouraged

2004-06-24  Xinhua
China to deepen rural tax reform

2004-06-24  China Daily
Clarifying protection in bankruptcies

2004-06-22  Yale Global
China Debates Its "Peaceful Rise" Strategy

2004-06-24  LA Times
China TV Makes Reality Feel Good

2004-06-24  Detroit Free Press
Jobs prospects are bleak for some residents in China

2004-06-24  Asahi Shimbun
China's quest for energy

2004-06-24  Reuters
Evans: China Must Cut Trade Barriers

2004-06-24  Straits Times
China's economy set for soft landing

2004-06-24  China Economic Net
China-made own big passenger plane to fly in 2 years&#12288;

2004-06-24  China Daily
New rules allow insurers to invest abroad

2004-06-24  Asia Times
All the right noises

2004-06-24  China Economic Net
Issue of China's offshore pollution

2004-06-24  China Economic Net
Why house price in china's large and medium sized cities being so high

2004-06-22  Xinhua
Illegal waste-dumpage leads to major poisoning accident in NE China

2004-06-23  Chicago Tribune
U.S. to aid China with labor issues