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Date 22 Jun 2004 05:32:47 -0000

2004-06-22  Financial Times
Where partners fight a little war every day

2004-06-22  AFP
 WWF says dams pose threat to China's Yangtze river

2004-06-22  Financial Times
China's ruling party to lift role in business

2004-06-22  Reuters
Sino-US agreement to protect safety and rights of workers

2004-06-21  LA Times
To China, a Canadian Is the West

2004-06-21  Xinhua
China to bail out last group of money-losing SOEs&#12288;

2004-06-22  China Economic Net
General crisis in the mode of economic growth in Zhejiang

2004-06-21  Inter Press Service
China, Brazil and India knock on G8 door

2004-06-21  Inter Press Service
Consumers corner multinationals

2004-06-21  Asia Times
US feels heat of dragon's breath