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From Jonathan Lassen <>
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 13:23:12 -0500
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Hi, I mentioned to you in a previous email that you might want to 
contact Peter Kwang in NYC. I second Yan Hairong as a great person to 
talk to.

For more stuff on the WB, I would suggest contacting Joshua Muldavin, 
who is I think writing a book on the history of the WB in China (I think 
that's right). He teaches in NYC at Sarah Lawrence college, but I'm not 
sure if he's there or not right now. The people in the NY-based NGO 
Zigen also have lots of experience in rural areas, and might be able to 
provide some insight. Email me if you need the contact info for any of 
these people.

It will be a bit difficult to draw a close connection between the IMF/WB 
and China's turn to the 'market' I think (not to say you shouldn't do 
it!). I would argue it would involve looking at what happened in the 
aftermath of the Cultural Revolution and the struggles within the party 
in the 80s. The first chapter in Wang Hui's China's New Order might be 
of interest here.

Just some quick ideas, hopefully we can continue to discuss this here. 
Very much looking forward to the film,

Jonathan wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>I am new to this list. I'm writing to post a question regardiong a
>>documentary that I'm making called Mardi Gras: Made in China. The film
>>follows the production of Mardi Gras beads from the factory in Fuzhou
>>to the festival in New Orleans, and on to the streets of Baghdad, where
>>US soldiers exchange them during a Carnival. I need to interview
>>someone about the IMF/WB's involvement in China since 1979 (even though
>>they were negotiating prior to 1979), special economic zones in Fuzhou,
>>and the trnasformation to a "free market" economic system. Ultimately,
>>I'm interested in connecting these structural economic conditions to
>>the personal lives of workers who tell their stories in my documentary.
>>They are four teenage women who come form rural locations. If someone
>>knows someone who lives in or near NYC who can assist me, please put me
>>in contact with them. Thanks for your help -- I've been working on this
>>film for four years by myself and am tired, worn-out. I need guidance.
>>The completion date is June 15, 2004.  David