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Date 6 May 2004 15:57:27 -0000

2004-05-05  International Herald Tribune
Let's stop abetting dictatorship in Beijing

2004-05-06  SCMP
Google homes in on mainland

2004-05-06  SCMP
Rural fallout seen likely to soften curbs on lending

2004-05-06  SCMP
Leading economists confident of a soft landing for the mainland

2004-05-06  SCMP
Taking a giant punt on mainland racing

2004-05-06  Asia Times
At golf, China swings - and misses

2004-05-06  BBC
China debates workers' rights

2004-05-06  New York Times
Faith Sprouts in Arid Soil of China

2004-05-06  The Guardian
Beer is China's first bid battlefield

2004-05-04  Xinhua
Blast injures 33 at lottery market in Guizhou

2004-05-06  Financial Times
Chinese PM faces string of EU trade complaints

2004-05-06  Xinhua
China subsidizes peasants to grow more grain

2004-05-06  Xinhua
China sees rising criminal cases in first quarter

2004-05-06  Xinhua
China shuts down 8,600 illegal Internet cafes

2004-05-06  Dow Jones
Ripple Effects From China Slowdown