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Date 8 May 2004 19:40:12 -0000

2004-05-07  SCMP
Thick skinned

2004-05-07  SCMP
China scours world for supplies

2004-05-07  SCMP
Stop moaning and do something, green groups told

2004-05-07  SCMP
Premier's dream is to eliminate poverty

2004-05-07  SCMP
China's slowdown 'will affect the global economy'

2004-05-08  The Independent
Why all the world feels China's growing pains

2004-05-07  Asia Times
Taiwan: No farewell to arms, but sales slow

2004-05-07  Inter Press Service
AIDS doctors dispatched to China's countryside

2004-05-07  Sydney Morning Herald
A new front opens in the battle of the Chinese megamarts

2004-05-07  The Standard
Beijing orders price controls

2004-05-07  Straits Times
China's rail woes

2004-05-07  Financial Times
China to act on soaring economy

China outperforms General Motors expectations

2004-05-07  Xinhua
Student couple's wedding arouses public interest

2004-05-07  China Daily
Days of sizzling economy over in China?

2004-05-07  New York Times
China Anxiously Seeks a Soft Economic Landing

2004-05-06  Straits Times
Beijing plays on HK's fears of chaos

2004-05-06  Straits Times

Wave of sackings rattles China's bureaucracy