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Date 25 Mar 2004 17:34:30 -0000

2004-03-25  The Economist
Chen survives again

2004-03-25  Washington Post
Act to Protect Chinese Workers

2004-03-25  China Daily
Internet's anti-porn crusader refuses to be intimidated

2004-03-25  SCMP
Doom with a view

2004-03-25  China Daily
Taiwan vote dispute drags on

2004-03-25  People's Daily
US ignores truth about China's human rights record

2004-03-25  Xinhua
China to raise water prices to ease water shortage

2004-03-25  Xinhua
No internet cafes allowed around schools, residential areas

2004-03-25  China Daily
Officials banned from company posts

2004-03-25  The Guardian
Dammed and dying: The Mekong and its communities face a bleak future

2004-03-24  Financial Times
China bank reforms to cool loan growth

2004-03-25  Asia Times
Pan-blues: screaming the blues, set for a shakeup

2004-03-25  AP
U.S. Making Progress on China Currency

2004-03-25  New York Times
Chip Makers Exchange Barbs in Corporate Espionage Suit

2004-03-24  Reuters
China Media Break Silence on Taiwan Election Crisis

2004-03-25  International Herald Tribune
China's boom leaves many behind

2004-03-25  Herald Sun
China legal reformer 'has not fled'

2004-03-25  Reuters
China Demands That Japan Free Island Activists

2004-03-25  Inter Press Service
EU wants action in China, too