translation query

From Saul Thomas <>
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 06:27:50 -0600


I'm translating a thesis abstract for a professor of law (specializing in
legal philosophy)and ran into a few terms that I couldn't pin down in
English.  Given your more extensive experience with reading academic Chinese I
thought you might be able to help. The first terms are 对象性存在 
(duixiangxing cunzai)and 对象化存
在。 (duixianghua cunzai). They come from Hegel and are likely used by Marx 
as well. They both refer
to some aspect or stage in the relationship between the subject
and the object.

The second is 想象理性 (xiangxiang lixing). She says it's found in Marx's 
doctoral thesis.  I
translated it first as "hypothetical reasoning" but she didn't find
that entirely accurate.  "Imaginary reasoning or rationality" however doesn't
seem academic enough.

Finally there's 时间显现 (shijian xianshi) which she says is Heideggerian 
presence. I was
wondering if this has a special German term used by scholars when citing this
concept or if you know of a more accurate translation than simply "presence."

Also, I translated 辨证扬弃 (bianzheng yangqi) as "dialectical sublimation" 
is that accurate?  Or
is there a more precise term?