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Date 24 Mar 2004 19:34:56 -0000

2004-03-24  China Daily
Institutions take on public services

2004-03-24  People's Daily
Official says China's development policy to be adjusted

2004-03-24  People's Daily
How the US could improve its image abroad

2004-03-24  Reuters
No time to hesitate as Shanghai real estate runs hot

2004-03-24  SCMP
Chipmakers risk capacity oversupply

2004-03-24  SCMP
China Oilfield steps up drilling

2004-03-24  New York Times
A Chinese Girl's Diary Builds a Bridge Out of Rural Poverty

2004-03-24  Reuters
Taiwan Opposition Rejects Chen's Offer for Meeting

2004-03-24  Straits Times
Referendum a tool to 'kidnap people's will'

2004-03-24  Financial Times
Taiwan's Chen offers to meet opposition

2004-03-24  Asia Times
Russia hails partnership with Beijing ... sort of

2004-03-24  Asia Times
Stocks plunge in poll chaos, traders see bargains

2004-03-24  Reuters
Local officials behind spending spree: China

2004-03-24  AFP
China throws out US plan to fingerprint its citizens

2004-03-24  BBC
Big China oilfield 'running low'