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From "Morrison, Catherine E" <>
Date Mon, 13 Dec 1999 14:59:05 -0500

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I have to agree, although perhaps less emphatically...I became 
interested in this movement because I saw in it a chance to 
mobilize large amounts of people and educate them about social 
issues they would otherwise be blissfully unaware of. But, to the 
extent of essentially attacking kids for something they are not 
responsible for? That's not cool.

I realize that intellectual property rights are going to become a 
powder-keg issue, but now is the time for widespread EDUCATION. 
Currently the american public is simply not primed to respond 
correctly to this issue. The hacktivism community would come out 
looking like the grinch who stole Christmas while etoys, with 
their giant innocent blue eyes filling with the tears of children 
everywhere, would merely be another Who....left out in the cold 
and stripped of their gifts.

Is that a real protrayal? Of COURSE not. But the public is not 
going to understand what an abusive corporate giant etoys is yet 
because they are unfamiliar with the issue of intellectual 
property rights. I mean, hell...Monsanto and others are poised to 
create starvation and poverty all over the world with the 
Terminator seed, which owes it's very existence to property 
rights, and NO ONE knows about that...

So if you want to protest I suggest that want take the forms of 
letter-writing to newspapers, web sites, notes on mailing lists...
Suggest a BOYCOTT--that's noble and newsworthy while a floodnet 
looks too much like a prank. Cry havoc, don't cause it just yet.

> Now this is TOTALY MORONIC.
> Help destroy Hello? The topic alone should give you a bad
> feeling. This is not what Hacktivism is about, or activism, or hacking for
> that matter.
> There is a big diffrence in attempting to bring a wrong into the spot
> light by causing attention, and attempting to take the law into your own
> hands. What they are calling for is just wrong.
> This group, by attempting to quote some 10 year old script kiddie, and
> calling him a hacker in order to cause people with some sort of skills to
> fight for them, have shown themselves to be nothing more then another
> group of kiddies attempting to call up a "hacker war" and bring attention
> upon themselves. This really angers me!
> I find it hard to even comment on anything in this because it is so
> immature and unintelligent. Come on people, what are we coming to? Last I
> saw we still had a legal system in this country, and even if it fails, 
> that dosen't give us the right to destroy anything. Thats like saying the
> riots after the first Rodney King trial were justified.
> I'd tell these people to get a clue and find a better, positive, and more
> constructive way to bring their plight to the people. And lastly, don't
> try and quote a "hacker" or anything like this, for most of the times it
> backfires and brings down the heat upon them.
> Grow up...this kind of crap went out with the 4th grade...
> regards,
>    Bronc Buster

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