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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Wed, 8 Dec 1999 05:13:54 -0800 (PST)

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Egad!............robbing tons of kiddies of their
'specially bought off the net' toys just before
Scrooge,i am not.
 enraged at the idea of
megacomerce,yes...but...methinks the innocents
will suffer at a most inconvenient time...
we dont really want to get a bad rep like this do
 Not while we seem to be gaining ground.
?Yes..targeting lousy ISP's is excellent...also,
I do want to find out who is BEhind the scenes at
Etoys...THATS who I want to target.....I know the
GOV,but..who else....thats who i am after.
Sure...flooding em might be an answer...after
My cybergunns are loaded...I just wanta be sure
of the target.
Since we are gaining a little popularity with JQ
Public,jeapordizing it would be detrimental to
our cause/s. *Not that we are out to win any
popularity contest..Agh!*.but if they like us
enough to listen once in a while...isnt that a
huge part of what we are about? it just seems
more reasonable to me than alienating em all
against us...and stopping the shopping madness
will do just that....ever see a hot sale at a
department store? Brutal!
I break the isp rules at least everyother day. So
what was that someone once said about rules????
I still am raging and fighting over the GOV and
BB deciding who will and can do what on the
net....One of my fave calling cardz to them:
"Sorry bud-dies...ya lost it wile ya all were's ours now....and it's gonna stay
free!"  hehe...
Join the fray?

--- piLL <> wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
> How about targeting 'evil' ISPs like @home?
> Anyone get a load of their 'end user
> agreement'? Downloading video over 10 minutes
> is cause for losing your service! By running
> ANY kind of server, i.e. a home web cam, a
> shoutcast server, MP3 server, etc. you again
> violate the user agreement...I break my
> agreement every... day.
> The enemy of cyberspace is going to be the
> entities controlling the phone and
> communication lines which provide access to
> internet... be it corporation or government,
> they are impeding the growth and strictly
> tightening controls and restrictions..
> The internet is a new fledgling country with
> infinate boundaries where almost no laws exist.
> This new cyber-country is quickly filling up,
> and organizations are out there poising
> themselves to govern it.
> oh and what about the people trying to buy toys
> or books at etoys and amazon? are they innocent
> victims, or should they be upset at the
> 'Hacktivist Extremists' ? 
> anyways i just got back from a bomb-ass party,
> and just felt like throwing some of my thoughts
> into this discussion group.... i am going
> sleepy-time now :) zzzzzzzz 
> ...maybe i will play some Q3 first ;P
> piLL
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>   > > ps anyone organizing a Floodnet of
>   > >
>   > > Alex Galloway
>   > > Editor & Technical Director
>   > > RHIZOME
>   hmmm.....why does shutting down christmas toy
> sites excite me so????
>   anyone know if it would be _possible_ (well
> obviously its theoretically
>   possible) to shut down say or
> since they are already
>   obviously equipped to deal with massive
> amounts of visitors????
>   the revolution will be improvised--
>   eric
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