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How about targeting 'evil' ISPs like @home? Anyone get a load of their 'end user agreement'? Downloading video over 10 minutes is cause for losing your service! By running ANY kind of server, i.e. a home web cam, a shoutcast server, MP3 server, etc. you again violate the user agreement...I break my agreement every... day.

The enemy of cyberspace is going to be the entities controlling the phone and communication lines which provide access to internet... be it corporation or government, they are impeding the growth and strictly tightening controls and restrictions..

The internet is a new fledgling country with infinate boundaries where almost no laws exist. This new cyber-country is quickly filling up, and organizations are out there poising themselves to govern it.

oh and what about the people trying to buy toys or books at etoys and amazon? are they innocent victims, or should they be upset at the 'Hacktivist Extremists' ? 

anyways i just got back from a bomb-ass party, and just felt like throwing some of my thoughts into this discussion group.... i am going sleepy-time now :) zzzzzzzz 

...maybe i will play some Q3 first ;P


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  > > ps anyone organizing a Floodnet of
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  hmmm.....why does shutting down christmas toy sites excite me so????

  anyone know if it would be _possible_ (well obviously its theoretically
  possible) to shut down say or since they are already
  obviously equipped to deal with massive amounts of visitors????

  the revolution will be improvised--

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