From Tom <trgarner@yta.attmil.ne.jp>
Date Sun, 28 Nov 1999 11:44:45 +0900

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Well, since you raised an interesting question that I've brought up
several times... (ok everyone start filtering NOW (har har)),

My question is again around the use of encryption.  WHAT email clients
do you use that SUPPORTS good encryption?

Maybe on the next "campaign", we could raise the flag about encryption? 
Supporting clients whose encryption is up to snuff?  Or the allowing of
custom built encryption?

I honestly feel that once encryption (PGP?) becomes SECONDARY, meaning
transparent, then and only then will encyrption become truly accepted.

Yup, sci/fi, I know, but some people just won't take the time (some do),
to sit there and run PGP or any other encryption program, to cut/paste
or whatever their encrypted messages, it MUST become transparent.

Ohh well...any comments?

> So far as I understand it, we were always interested
> in promoting mass-encryption of personal mail, and
> perhaps raising enough awareness in the middle classes
> to put political pressure on the NSA.  (and I'm not
> holding my breath there, either)

Tom Garner
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