RE: hactivism cause & stuff about list

From Stiens Eric <>
Date Tue, 2 Nov 1999 18:12:45 -0000

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>> stuff about mumia cut

> Usually, cops are called to keep the peace at
> demonstrations. Who will do
> the honors for 
> them at the Sting concert?
> Fitzgerald giggled at the question.
> "We would police ourselves, I guess."

anyone else find that statement a bit ominous???

My .02 regarding the list, the increased noise-to-signal ratio etc.....
what about drawing up some kind of general list protocol with such things as
not posting announcements to the list, keeping quotes to a minimum, etc....

Not to rail against Zoe but for those of us that DO subscribe to a-infos and
other activist-announcement lists its highly frustrating to get a copy of
general announcements in every single 'specialized' list we subscribe to as




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