Re: Some inflammatory coverage of J18 and N30 hactivism

From "Me Uh, K." <>
Date Tue, 2 Nov 1999 10:15:20 -0800 (PST)

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The article starts out with a vague mention of WTO
this month, which made me wonder - are we considering
anything special for the event?  I assume that most
activists groups out there have something planned for
the event, but in light of our recent media exposure,
(JED) I imagine that most anything we would do would
draw a certain amount of additional attention from the
same sources.
('The hactivism@tao mailing list, responsible for the
recent anti-spook surveillance Jam Echelon Day event,
has released a general press release, announcing that
they will be holding a 'cyber-sit in' on the WTO web
site during the entire course of the meeting...')

Which, of course, raises the question about whether we
WANT the media attention/consider it a good thing,
Granted, in the case of JED, the entire point was
media exposure, to use the straight press to inform
the masses about Echelon.  In the case of a direct
action WTO campaign, well, most anyone who would care
already knows about WTO, and there's that whole
gray-area legality involved with intentionally
disrupting the functionality of someone's web site. 
(wait, no, that's illeagle - no different than a
denial of service attack, which you can go to jail
for) - so there's that to consider.  (if we do
something, do we want to announce that we're going to
be breaking the law/malicioulsy abusing WTO's web

just curious-
-mia k. (who lives in Seattle, and may well end up
getting teargassed with the rest of the WTO

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> Fears as anarchists organise on the Net
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