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I know...I know...too bad...i am back. This is for the
people here that might not sub to this infos list,but
are active in these causes.
Note: If I have anything worhtwhile to contrib,I just
may pop in more often than once.

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> From: Grinnell Coalition in Defense of Mumia
> <mumia@grinnell.edu>
> Please spread the word!:
> NOV. 6th
> 11 AM-Rally in front of Old Capitol at Clinton
> Street and Iowa Avenue
> 12 Noon-March
> Sponsored by the Grinnell Coalition In Defense of
> Mumia Abu-Jamal
> e-mail: mumia@grinnell.edu
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 Philly Daily News - November 1, 1999  
 Sting draws fire over Abu-Jamal 
 Cops to stage protest over Brit rocker's Mumia
 by Christine Bahls  Daily News Staff Writer
 In two weeks, rocker and international activist Sting
will perform 
 at the Tower in Upper Darby. And some local cops
 plan to be outside  - sending him a message.
 It'll have the name of Mumia Abu-Jamal written all
 over it.
 Delaware County police are upset about the
 entertainer's position on 
 Mumia Abu-Jamal, the convicted killer of
 Philadelphia police officer Daniel 
 Faulkner. Sting has called for a new trial.
 "Sting opened his mouth," said Chester City police
 officer Ed McClellan, 
 president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 19.
 "Let them come on," said Pam Africa, coordinator of
 International Concerned 
 Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. "All they're
 doing is exposing
 themselves . . . 
 They prove why the death penalty has to be
 The impetus behind the protest is FOP Lodge 27,
 representing at least 900
 and active Delaware County police officers, said
 lodge president Joseph
 Fitzgerald said lodge leaders will be meeting soon
 to work out the
 logistics, which 
 include calling on fellow officers from the
 surrounding counties.
 "We are supporting . . . anybody who's against the
 Mumia Abu-Jamal movement," 
 McClellan said.
 It will be a quiet demonstration, Fitzgerald said.
 "It's not going to be
 out of hand."
 If the cops are there, "We will be there," Africa
 said. "We will always be
 where our 
 supporters are at."
 On Dec. 9, 1981, Faulkner was gunned down near 13th
 and Locust streets. He
 killed after the 25-year-old officer had pulled over
 Abu-Jamal's brother in
 a traffic 
 stop. Abu-Jamal reportedly passed by and spotted the
 two. Officers found
 on the ground, shot at close range in the face.
 Abu-Jamal was lying nearby;
 he had 
 been injured by a bullet from Faulkner's gun.
 Abu-Jamal's gun, with five
 spent shells, 
 was also found.  He was convicted a year later and
 the appeals have never
 Abu-Jamal, now 45, has contended he had an unfair
 trial for many reasons.
 He has 
 never testified in any of the legal proceedings.
 Last week, a federal judge
 stayed the 
 execution of Abu-Jamal, which had been scheduled for
 Dec. 2. It will be
 next year 
 before the judge decides whether to hold a hearing
 on the latest appeal.
 Abu-Jamal, a former journalist, has become a cause
 celebre, and has
 garnered support 
 from entertainers, politicians and, as Africa put
 it, rich people, poor
 people, black people, 
 white people, all kinds of people.
> Sting, former head of the band Police, has long been
 an activist,
 supporting environmental, 
 health and human rights causes. According to Africa,
 he signed a letter
 urging a new 
 trial for Abu-Jamal.
 McClellan said that at the national FOP annual
 convention in August, the
 voted to boycott anyone who supported Abu-Jamal.
 Because of that vote,
 said, he expects officers from throughout the area
 to be at the Tower Nov.
 14. He said 
 his lodge, representing 100 officers, will discuss
 the event at its Nov. 9
 Usually, cops are called to keep the peace at
 demonstrations. Who will do
 the honors for 
 them at the Sting concert?
 Fitzgerald giggled at the question.
 "We would police ourselves, I guess."  

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 From: J P <philnpc@op.net>
 Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 21:25:23 -0700
 1.  Clinton disrupted in Philly today: 
 Today, José Albizu Rodríguez, Mario Hardy Africa and
 I attended the
 rally for Phila mayoral candidate John Street at La
 Salle University in the
 northeast. It was a "get out the Democratic Party
 vote" event where they
 brought in Sen. Edward Kennedy and President
 Clinton. When Clinton was
 about to start his speech the three of us got up and
 shouted: "President
 Clinton: Get the Navy Out of Vieques Now" and "Free
 Mumia".  We
 continued until security "escorted" us out but not
 before the media cameras 
 took our pictures.  (Local ABC, NBC, &CBS news all
 covered the disruption.)
 Somebody told me that Clinton commented on Vieques
 saying that it was an
 important issue that needed attention. While we were
 chanting, judge
 Nelson Díaz a Puerto Rican, who was on the podium
 with the
 "dignitaries", stood up and raised his arms making a
 victory sign with
 both hands. Current Phila mayor, Rendell kept moving
 his arms signaling
 us to sit down. 
 While we were walking out a Puerto Rican young woman
 followed us
 "I'm so proud of you guys, I had to leave in
 solidarity" It turned out
 she attends Girls High and is part of a school group
 called "Latinos
 Unidos". Afterwards we had a chance to discuss
 Vieques and Mumia and the
 possibility of presenting the Vieques slide show in
 GH. Many asked us
 about Vieques and Mumia after we left the building. 
 Before the event, we had to wait more than one hour
 to get in, so we
 decided to give out the leaflets then, we gave out
 500 leaflets on
 Vieques and a few hundred on Mumia.
> From: "KamariYa(!!)" <ngozi@secapl.com>
> From: CAGeovanis@aol.com
 The recent street theater action staged by the
 Chicago Committee to Free 
 Mumia Abu-Jamal, which ridiculed 20/20 correspondent
 Sam Donaldson for his 
 snuff journalism on Mumia's case, will be featured
 in an upcoming television 
 episode of Labor Beat: 
 Channel 19 (Chicago cable stations only)
 Thursdays, 9:30 pm, Nov 4 and Nov 11
 Fridays, 4:30 on, Nov 5 and Nov 12
 The Mumia piece will air about 16 minutes into the
 show, which will also 
 feature a segment on Utah Phillips by Marty Conlisk
 and a music video by The 
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> From: "Maine Mumia List Serve"
> <maine_sup_net@hotmail.com>
> Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 22:54:24 -0400
 Attention Mumia Supporters
 There is a heated debate taking place at the

 with not enough Mumia support.  Let's take back the
 debate and put these
 kill crazy liars back in their place!
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> From: gilbert@fol.it
 Florence, Bologna, Rome and other Italian cities are
 on a move to free 
 Mumia Abu-Jamal and to stop his execution. In
 Florence, well-attended 
 weekly meetings of the city-wide committee to free
 Mumia have been 
 planning a number of initiatives (the next meeting
 is November 1O at 
 9:30 p.m. at the CPA occupied social center in Viale
 Giannotti, 79).  
 Last Thursday October 21, the Italian edition of
 Mumia's latest book 
 "Death Blossoms" was presented to a
 standing-room-only crowd in the 
 city's largest and most prestigious bookstore
 (Feltrinelli) by a 
 representative of Amnesty International, members of
 the local Free Mumia 
 Committee, and the editors of 3 progressive
 publishing houses.  A lively 
 discussion continued until almost closing time with
 attention focusing 
 on the racist, classist nature of the U.S. death
 penalty and "justice" 
 system, and on concrete steps to be undertaken in
 the next few weeks. 
 University of Florence students are planning an
 initiative on November 9 
 with professors and an Amnesty International
 representative at the 
 University with the presentation Mumia's book "Death
 Blossoms" and a new 
 video on Mumia.  
 The Florence Committee has launched a petition
 campaign to award Mumia 
 the honorary citizenship of Florence (he already has
 such citizenship 
 from Palermo; Venice and other cities), and has been
 invited by the 
 Region of Tuscany to collect signatures and
 distribute information this 
 Saturday at a Regional conference on immigration and
 a multicultural 
 The Committee is organizing a day of mobilization in
 Florence for 
 Saturday November 13 with "mass leafleting" and
 information tables in 
 front of the Duomo (Cathedral) and in three
 out-lying neighborhoods.  
 tens of activists will hand out thousands of
 leaflets (with English 
 translations for tourists).  This mobilization is
 intended to build for 
 a large national demonstration for Mumia in Florence
 on Saturday 
 November 20 as part of the "Counter-Summit"
 activities on the occasion 
 of the  presence of Clinton, Blair and other
 European leaders in 
 Florence on that weekend, and to build for a
 national demonstration 
 being organized for Rome at the end of November.
 The Association "Malcolm X" in Rome has prepared an
 excellent 60-page 
 dossier with photos on Mumia's case, and Mumia was
 on the cover of the 
 mass-circulation progressive weekly magazine
 "Avvenimenti" last week 
 with several pages of articles, and again today in
 "Avvenimenti" there 
 is a page of letters in support of Mumia and a good
 Committee for the Liberation of Mumia Abu-Jamal
 (Florence, Italy)
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> From: dshoom@UVic.CA
 Hi. Did anyone tell you about the demonstration we
 had in Victoria, British
 Columbia Oct. 23? I don't know if anyone did a
 count, but I'd say there
 were at least 100 people. The mood was pretty
 militant. We took over a lane
 of a major road and marched to a local US customs
 sub-office. There were
 many speakers. One guy, an socialist from Iran,
 showed the crowd the local
 Iranian community newspaper which had a story about
 Mumia on the cover.
 Also, our local labour council passed a motion. I
 don't know the details,
 but I think it calls for a new trial.
 In Solidarity,
 Dan Shoom,
 Victoria, BC
> International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia
> Abu-Jamal
> P.O. Box 19709 - Philadelphia, PA 19143
> Ph: 215-476-8812 / Fax: 215-476-7551
> Website: www.mumia.org / E-mail: icffmaj@aol.com or
> mumia@webcom.com


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