Re: Hacktivism List Proposal 2.0

From Aimee <>
Date Sun, 31 Oct 1999 17:41:32 -0800 (PST)
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hello all,

I am hoping that the "radical filter" idea might be  
brought up again in addition to the proposed changes in 
the form and function of the list (the current ones i 
like, including the trash site...)  Perhaps this is a 
losing battle...

Both difficult and full of possibility is that hacktivism 
isn't a defined, clearly circumscribed thing.  My 
feelings about hacktivism is that it is computer 
technology action directed at social change/justice 

My feelings are also that a hacktivist ethic is more 
directed than the broad hacker (libertarian) ethic that  
censorship is bad, free flow of information is good, and 
there should be no/very little regulation on networked 
Questions about in what directions this differentiated 
hacktivist ethic will take are questions I am interested 
in exploring with the participants of the list. 

I don't know if these questions will be explored without 
a radical filter or something that takes hacktivism in a 
more specialized and radically politically oriented 
direction than hacking. 

am i off base?  am i on the wrong list?


p.s. big up to those on the committee or whatever it's 
called for taking up the not-so-fun and also rather time 
consuming task of drawing up proposals and trying to 
integrate feedback.  you folks rock.

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