Re: the cybersquatting bill (was: Don't Split the List etc.)

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Date Sun, 31 Oct 1999 20:48:05 +0900
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What happens if you where to register outside the United States?

Would that still fall under the Cybersquatting bill?  I haven't read
through it yet, so I'm not sure what the whole ramification is.

I know that is seuing someone in another country for that
abuse (a bookstore owner and using same "advertising" clicks that Amazon

So, I guess my question would be, does this bill intrude in the use
WORLD-WIDE or is it just a US thing (again...)

> I would be somewhat aghast if somebody regged in
> bad faith and I would feel there should be some recourse available
> to me if it happened, regardless of whether or not I'm a Big Corporation.
> (It's not like I can go out and register my own name in all 255 TLD's)

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