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Student newspaper, ahhh, the young w/ the power to write what you want,
when you want, w/out a care to the world.

Unfortunately, your going to be seeing some first hand "news" presented
FOR the student body by WHAT "they" THINK the student body NEEDS to know

Anything else is a kink in the system...

Now, to answer your question, is this censorship?  Did "they" give you
any explanation as to why Publication of your paper wasn't meant by the
established deadline?  Is there an established deadline?  Who is the
editor in chief?, Publisher?  Did you talk to all of them?  Is their
answer satisfactory to you?


Next WHY PRINT MEDIA?  Doesn't your school have a "web page" or email
capability?  If you can't PRINT the media (dead world anyway), why not
create your own MAILING LIST and EMAIL them out?

DON'T think "in the box", why use the media that "they" established?  If
you have such a beef, create your own mailing list, your OWN newspaper,
your OWN anything and go with that...

Ohh but "they" won't like that will they?  Well guess what?  Ever heard
of the movie "Temptation of Jesus Christ"?  This movie was supposed to
be about the "mortal" side of Jesus, now when the Zion population heard
about this, they went nuts, protesting left and right, screaming about
how horrible the movie was, etc.,  You know what?  If they NEVER
PROTESTED the movie would have come and gone, no one would have been the
wiser (not to mention it is a rather LONG movie).  However, b/c they
protested up such a storm (as their right to do so), the press got
involved, media started to ask questions, word of mouth started to
spread stating that "THEY" don't want me to see this movie, why?  And so
for a time being the movie did much better than if no one said a word.

What is the point of my tangent thoughts?  One, PROTEST MORE, the more
"controversy" you bring up, the more your points "may" be heard.  Also,
are you willing to "go the distance" for your cause?  If so, maybe
detention for your political beliefs is a definite statement, GET the
principal to make a statement, anything, have your newspaper there.  If
your school is putting out word about teaching you the student about
fair process and judicial system workings, then maybe you need to bring
YOUR "activism" up a notch, be willing to stand on that ledge, take
punishment for your beliefs.

Sorry for the rant...I just want you to THINK, that your not sanctioned
by and held accountable to THEIR SYSTEM and THEIR WAY OF THINKING.  Try
to create something different, heck, even if they won't let you print
your flyer, set up a web page (a free web page) and hand out the URL
instead!  Create something different and buck the system from w/in! :)

> 'ok',  I thought.  'Well at least there's the letter to the editor of my
> school newspaper I wrote.  That will still get the word out.'
> Unfortunately...that newspaper, which was supposed to come out today
> was, for an unknown reason, not published.  Is this censorship?

Tom Garner
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