Re: why so little response to Hacktivism List Proposal 2.0

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Date Sat, 30 Oct 1999 21:58:12 -0700
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i agree :)
i get the same emails evryone else on this list is getting.
lets all just chill, and not be so militant about this...
off subject stuff is no big deal, we just get to know eachother a little bit better.
speaking of off the subject,
i write really cool electronic music. Programmers luv my stuff, so all you real hackers out there, hack to this!
hope i'm not too out of line..
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ok here is a response....and dont take this the wrong way but why not let
people talk about other things besides the group hacktivism? i mean i know
that hactivism and their interests are by a long shot the most important
thing we should be worried about but erring off the subject a little bit
every now and then as long as you dont over do it is called in my book,
communion....two or more people with the same ideas, and interests
communicating and forming a bond

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