Moderation, Cyberdumpster Diving & a Per Day Posting Limit

From noreastah <>
Date Sun, 31 Oct 1999 01:37:57 -0400
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I don't know who's idea it was that the list "needed" to be moderated. I am
assuming the folks at TAO? 

I like Stephan's Wrays cybertrash idea. Cyber dumpster diving? hmmmm... an
interesting thought.

I'd like to throw out another idea: I don't know if this is technically a
pain in the butt, but would it be possible to limit the number of messages
sent to the list per day by e-mail address? In other words each person on
the list can only send say 2 messages (or whatever number people decide) to
the list per day.

I think this would make people think about what they were posting more
because they would have to make their posts "count". So you want reply to a
message with "yea, I agree, that's a great idea", ???  fine... but you just
wasted one of your messages for the day. Just a thought.


P.S. What exactly is a "positive list culture"  (from the proposal) ?  I
think I have an idea but that phrase strikes me as oddly amusing. (yea I
must be weird & hey it's late in my time zone) :)

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