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From ZoeScanner <>
Date Thu, 28 Oct 1999 15:26:28 -0700 (PDT)

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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 13:03:44 -0400 (EDT) 
From: batz <>  
Subject: Re: Fwd: Some questions for discussion? 
    ************************************ really REALLY want my opinion???? it is.Just remember...YOU asked.
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On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, Grugnog wrote:

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:I'm writing because I have questions about hacktivism
and I'm hoping that
:a discussion could possibly give me some answers. Any
way here it goes***********
:(and if you think any of the questions are stupid
reply and let me know
:why?) ***((i think just saying that makes it
:1 Is hacktivism more the activist community using
digital skills or is it
:the political expression of  hackers?

Listening to hackers talk about politics is like
to politicians talk about code. 

I really hope that it is about the activist community
using hackery. 
********I certainly HOPE we know more about politics
than they know about CODE!!!!***********************
:2 Is there a difference between hacktivism and
electronic civil
:disobedience? If yes was JED really hacktivism?

IMHO, the crew that were generating random packets
with JED-blocks
were using hacktivist tactics. It was clever and they
hacked together
some code to do it. 
**************fed up activists using what we know best
to revolt>****************************
There was no disobediance on JED except maybe
the spam policies of a few ISP's. There aren't laws in
existance that prevent people from sending each other
meaningless messages over the net. 

:4 How does the older hacker ethos (information wants
to be free... etc.)
:influence hacktivism? 

One would hope that it would shape it and be the basis
for the
founding of the methods. 
{creak...snap..pop...groan..."eh?..whats that ya
say??eh?free? what! where? young
whippersnappers!!!waitll I

:5 Does hacktivism have a certain political philosophy
that is prevalent
:left vs. right if so why?

IMHO again, it's a method, a tool and a way of acting
up, regardless
of your political leanings. I think the most prevalent
politic is suburban libertarianism and juvenile social

darwinism that affects teenage boys that don't get out
their subdivisions enough to realize that bad things
to Good people and not everyone has a computer. 

Hopefully the hacktivism list will bring some
voices to online and information activism. 

"3y3 0wn y00. phr33 k3v1n 0r ph33l m3y3 wr4tH." is not

activism. Subtle disinformation or undermining 
electronic occupation as a political act, maybe, 
but activism it is not.  
*********yeah...........right.excuse me while I get my
OXY out....and put away my plastic dinosaurs....ok.
Done. BeLiVe wh4T U wAnT.! iT m4y B 2 R adVaNTaGe...We
KnO nO R4Ce,GeNdEr,EtC HeRe. kEEp ur L4Blez 2 ur
s3lllvz!w3 h4v3 werk 2 dO....sT4mP owowowt r3DuNd4nCy!
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