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On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, m-j milloy wrote:

> There is also an interesting section on a Tempest-like technology in Neal 
> Stephenson's latest, Cryptonomicon. I can't attest for the technical 
> validity of what he's writing; but Stephenson bases a lot of his fiction 
> on fact, so....

The principle Stephenson used in _Cryptonomicon_ was sound, though in a
much weaker fashion.  Van Eck RF monitoring's been around for quite a
while, and from what I've read it's got much potential for espionage (if
it hasn't already -- it would be too useful.)  Having never played with it
before I can't vouch for reports of a one-block distance between receiver
and monitored computer, but I'm interested in seeing if this is possible.

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