Idiot1 getting removed from the list

Date Tue, 26 Oct 1999 18:38:39 EDT

[: hacktivism :] "550 PSYOPS is a wonderful art. Let's see who's
practicing it."
    I just read a letter saying that the above adress was being removed from 
the hacktivism mailing list because of spamming. Now, I admit, spam sucks, 
but idiot1, despite the name, has made some interesting contributions to the 
list and doesn't deserve to be silenced for getting a little carried away 
once in a while. I think a warning would be enough, the list is free form, so 
who's to say what's acceptable and what's not?
    If you agree with me, support the return of Rev Dr Kird D Bailey MsD KsC 
and his unusual antics to OUR list by sending a little note to

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