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>These seems to be quite a diversity of potential actions surrounding this
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>Subject: -ALLSORTS-Technet 99 - get busy!
>Want to help Campaign Against Arms Trade?  In front of a computer?
>Read on...
>Call for Electronic Civil Disobedience - Wednesday
>27th October 1999
>Resident in Belgium for around 15 years (until being
>kicked out by the Belgium Parliament in 1997 for being
>"politically and ethically undesirable"), Technet 99
>(also known as AFCEA) is the high tech arms fair.  If
>youre looking for tanks and guns you will be
>disappointed - what you will find instead is a
>showcase for 21st century warfare - computer and
>intelligence systems, electronics and satellite
>communications etc. etc.  These will be available to
>the highest bidder, and used against those whose aims
>run contrary to those of the buyer, be they of the
>same or other nations.  Technet 99 has moved to London
>in the hope of an easy ride, and for a venue where it
>can continue to deal in death without hindrance.
>There is however, an alternative...

Year after year there was physical protest against this arms trade fair.
Finally after so many street protests the Belgian Parliament (still
reluctantly) forbid such fairs. Please don't think that Belgium is a
democratic heaven.

Erik (from Brussels)

PS. i'll gladly join the "virtual" protest.

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